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What to ask in an outreach-related job interview

Great thinking on applying to an outreach job! Congrats, Outreach Librarian.

the outreach librarian

NYSSCPA-Mock-Interviews-300x213Job seekers might notice a surge in outreach-specific jobs and jobs with an outreach component in recent years. While outreach-specific jobs might not stay on the radar, you can be fairly certain that outreach as a job component will only increase. Which has led to folks asking their LibraryLand peers: what questions do I need to ask in such an interview?

The phone interview: the phone interview is designed to be short, sweet, and determine if chemistry exists between you and your perspective colleagues. It’s a bit like the coffee date: lower stakes than something more formal, low investment. You want to stick with 2-3 questions here. Some suggestions:

  • What do you like most about working here? (Hint: do they mention the people they serve? You can learn A LOT about potential colleagues, work environment, etc. from this seemingly innocuous question!)
  • What kind of support exists for outreach services? (If…

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