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It’s ridiculously difficult to get a job in Federal government. Once you’re a federal employee, there are stages of grief that you go through .. at least stages that I’ve gone through over the last few years.

“There will be no cost of living raise this year.”
I experienced denial. Seriously? There have been annual cost of living raises for the last few decades.

“Federal employees cannot attend conferences based on a handful of bad actors at one agency.”
I experienced anger. How does an agency let someone make such bad decisions to spend all that money so foolishly? It paints all Federal employees with the same brush.

“”There will be no funds for training this year.”
I found myself bargaining. If I can’t go to conferences and can’t do training, can I be given permission to pay my own way to attend an event?

“”Attending any meeting can be seen as a conference activity.”
I experienced depression: Wow, that means I can’t even participate on working groups.

“The Federal Government is being shut down.”
Oddly enough, I could accept this. It’s the trend for things to continue to retrench. Even though Federal employees might be experiencing a lack of support, the public thinks of members of Congress as a different, separate group. I can live with the bad times that the government is going through if I believe the public doesn’t blame the average Federal employee for the sad state of affairs.

What’s your furlough analogy?


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