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Clearinghouse for Virtual internships

Kim Dority,, has summarized what I consider to be THE conversation that all in the library community should be having.  

FACTOID 1: Library and iSchools include courses that students can register for to earn college credit called internships, practicums, field experiences, and independent studies.   There is no restriction on having the student work physically in a library to earn the credit; the projects can be performed anywhere just as most library work can be done these days.

FACTOID 2:  The economy is not turning around quickly, and jobs for those earning or newly graduated with an MLIS are few and far between.  Anything that can be done to enhance one’s resume should be done.  Students and graduates are eager for opportunities to do projects that will enhance their resumes. 

Now from my viewpoint, I would also add another factoid to state that President Obama released an executive memo last week requiring Federal agencies open up national service and volunteer opportunities.  A plan for doing just that across Federal government is due before the end of October 2013. 

So please chat, comment, volunteer, denegrate, support, or trash this idea.  Want to help write a grant do stand up a clearinghouse?  Want to work with Kim?

 Please converse and spread the idea.  Why not balance the playing field instead of having just a few schools cultivate virtual opportunities for their students?  Why not find ways to match projects and people so experience can be gained?  What do libraries have to lose? 

I know all parties have a lot to gain from having such a Clearinghouse for Virtual internships.  


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