Careers in Federal Libraries

All about Federal careers

NOT-to-be missed Career Event in Anaheim

Unusual Opportunities That Will Do More Than Enhance Your Resume        Saturday 6/23 from 1:30 – 3:00       FREE.


How can you make yourself stand out when all of the candidates have an MLS? What will impress the person doing the hiring?

This session will feature the different ways others have taken advantage of opportunities such as practicums, fieldwork, independent studies, and special projects in order to enhance your resume and impress hiring officials. Come to this session to meet with students, recent graduates, and federal librarians to learn about opportunities available to you that if taken,  will get you job offers.

Speakers from Careers in Federal Libraries,  GSA, Louisiana State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Florida, University of Maryland, San Jose State University,  University of North Texas and more!

Questions? Contact Nancy Faget (Careers in Federal Libraries) or Kirsten Cassidy (LSU)

Use this opportunity to network with federal librarians, and get advice from speakers working in various federal libraries.


See the complete list of Career events in the ALA Placement Center  #ALA12


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