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NOT-to-be missed Career Event in Anaheim

Unusual Opportunities That Will Do More Than Enhance Your Resume        Saturday 6/23 from 1:30 – 3:00       FREE.


How can you make yourself stand out when all of the candidates have an MLS? What will impress the person doing the hiring?

This session will feature the different ways others have taken advantage of opportunities such as practicums, fieldwork, independent studies, and special projects in order to enhance your resume and impress hiring officials. Come to this session to meet with students, recent graduates, and federal librarians to learn about opportunities available to you that if taken,  will get you job offers.

Speakers from Careers in Federal Libraries,  GSA, Louisiana State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Florida, University of Maryland, San Jose State University,  University of North Texas and more!

Questions? Contact Nancy Faget (Careers in Federal Libraries) or Kirsten Cassidy (LSU)

Use this opportunity to network with federal librarians, and get advice from speakers working in various federal libraries.


See the complete list of Career events in the ALA Placement Center  #ALA12


Careers in Federal Libraries at ALA 2012 Annual

Yes, we’re going to be in the ALA Placement Center again this conference!  Meet up with us Sunday, June 24.  Informal meet up at NOON with the event at 1:30-3:00. 

Are you aware that an MLIS might qualify you to work as a social media specialist, program planner, web content manager, writer, or editor? Did you know that many of these positions are available now through the Federal government?


We invite you to join us on Sunday, June 24 for an eye-opening workshop about the types of federal job opportunities accessible to the MLIS degree holder. We’ll hear from the professional librarians who have firsthand experience within these positions, as they explore and discuss the types of careers available to new and upcoming MLIS graduates who have an interest in working for federal libraries.


Join us at noon for some light refreshments, followed by a panel discussion at 1:30 PM, and Q&A until 3:00PM. Attendees can use this opportunity to network with and get advice from the MLIS professionals working in federal positions. Learn about job opportunities from Julius Jefferson (Congressional Research Service), Michelle Chronister (GSA), and Virginia Sanchez (Dept. Homeland Security) and more!


This workshop is free and open to all.  New and upcoming MLIS graduates are highly encouraged to attend. Careers in Federal Libraries is sponsored by LSU School of Library and Information Science. Registration not required.


Questions?  Contact Nancy Faget (Careers in Federal Libraries) and Kristen Philyaw Cassidy (LSU)


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