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Event review: Unusual Opportunities to Enhance Your Resume”

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On Saturday, January 21st I attended an ALA Midwinter workshop called “Unusual Opportunities to Enhance Your Resume”, conducted in the ALA Joblist Placement Center. Tiffany Brand was the first speaker. She is an Information Services Professional that specializes in virtual reference, research assistance, and social media management. She communicated that one can find opportunities in the government if you are savvy in social media. She went on to offer a sort of tutorial on Twitter. I might she also is the manager for the Career in Federal Libraries twitter account as well as the co-manager for the CIFL FB page. Her level of expertise in understanding Twitter’s functions and how to make it work for you way beyond the average person. It was experience to learn from her. A couple cool tips I found very handed included:

1. She taught us how to find hashtags related to your job search: scan job ads for keywords: #online education, #library #jobs, Bureau of Labor. This would be in addition to using basic/advanced search websites such as, (which is a good way to check the frequency and popularity of a specific hashtag).

2. She introduced, which uses established hashtags, and is great for finding groups of people with similar interest: #alamw12

Also at the ALA Midwinter workshop called “Unusual Opportunities to Enhance Your Resume”, I got to hear Purdue Ph.D. student, Temitope (Temi) Toriola share about how she was able to network through ALA’s Emerging Leaders program. She joined the Ethics Committee, which relates to her research in information security or more specifically interest in digital intellectual property, e-book piracy, digital copyright, and the ethics behind it all. She said that it was because of her devoting time selflessly to accomplishing tasks for the Ethics Committee that she was referred to Nancy Faget, who offered her some valuable advice to consider if she was going on for her Ph.D. Nancy told her about the Federal Cyber Security Scholarship for Service: Temi not only got the scholarship, but she also got into Purdue University’s Information Securities program! Her success showed me the diverse set of career options that info. pros. have to choose from. She also mentioned that she interned with the Pentagon and that this experience also helped her to be successful.  She has a wiki and blogspot that is apart of graduate work that I’ll do a little plug for here, if you don’t mind: and Support this grad student by checking it out!

The ALA Midwinter workshop called “Unusual Opportunities to Enhance Your Resume” also had a speaker named Cindy Hirsch. She is law library fellow at the Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library at The University of Arizona’s College of Law. She came to speak to us about opportunities to become formal blog posters or guest posters for the Careers in Federal Libraries Blog:  www.

This a great chance for those of us that want careers in a federal library or other federal employment, to share information and help each other attain our professional goals. I think Cindy did a great job informing us of this exciting resource that we can contribute to! The workshop also went into how there is a CIFL Google Group (that I am apart of – and let me tell you- it is worth joining! You get so much great and current information about job opportunities), CIFL Facebook Group: www.facebook/CareersFedLibrary, CIFL Twitter:, and LinkedIn group:

I have to say that this workshop helped me realize the importance of networking and that participating in ALA events can go a long way- especially if you are willing to take on some responsibility to help with a committee and committees are. The workship also taught me about important resources that will help me with my job search. I am sorry if you missed out on this event. I hope my post(s) have been helpful!



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