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I hope you’ll take a look around our Careers in Federal Libraries blog, Facebook site, join our LinkedIn discussions, subscribe to one of our RSS feeds or follow us on Twitter. We’ve integrated our social media, so you can pick a favorite platform or two and learn about the diverse careers in federal libraries. (Warning – we’ll probably continue to tinker with the WordPress format for a couple months.)

Even if a federal career isn’t for you, I want urge both student readers and librarians to consider involvement in a virtual internship or practicum. Mentorships foster unique, rewarding relationships and spread the collaborative spirit of librarianship. I’ve had a blast developing and integrating the media and getting to know the “instigator” of CiFL. In my case, I get to play with computers, meet great people and learn how the world of work collaborates using social media and technology.

My practicum is nearing its end. If you are interested, there is more work to be done. We would love to cultivate a rotation of contributing bloggers. You work with smart, fun and generous colleagues at your own pace. You can be creative, flex your writing skills and maybe get noticed.

Some of the blogs that inspire me were started by transitioning librarians and jobseekers, and many point to alternate careers. These include Law Librarians of Leisure (inactive, but very useful), Information Wants to Be Free, and For inspiration on Web 2.0 library skills (is it 2.011 or 3.0 now?), check out Information Tyrannosaur and The Technological Tortoise (now sarahglassmeyer(dot)com). I’m slightly embarrassed to say I have 95 RSS feeds in Google Reader and follow about the same number on Twitter. For leisure reading, I often get lost in Open Culture.
Please feel free to add your own inspirations in the comments.

Nancy Faget is the “instigator” of Careers in Federal Libraries and deserves a standing ovation for all the work she puts into this effort. She represents the collaborative nature of librarians that drew me to library school. I’m grateful for her guidance, mentoring, friendship and nagging ;-), for giving me the freedom to create (and recreate) and for being available at all sorts of odd hours. Thank you, Nancy.

Posted by: Cindy Hirsch


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